Tiny pretty things: Recent FOs.

I like making tiny pretty things. I like quick projects from beautiful yarn, for instant gratification. Here are some recent things I've done.

Socks - Beginning of December to Today.
Regia Bamboo rainbow knitted socks

Black mary jane shoes knitted socks

Anthropologie capelet - Took me two days. The vintage pin is in the shape of a roadrunner.
Baby Alpaca Grande plus sized Anthropologie Capelet

Vintage Etsy Roadrunner brooch pin

Newsboy cap - I spun the yarn, then dyed it, then knit it. I'm so so happy with it. It keeps my head warm.
Handspun handknit cabled newsboy hat

And, as promised, my adventures in dyeing:

This dyed fiber:
Hand dyed orange wool roving
Became this:
Peach cobbler orange handspun yarn

The right one (blue and green on gray) was spun into singles, but not yet plied, and the left one (green on white) is being spun up right now:
Green hand dyed wool roving

It seems I didn't take a picture of the fiber for this one, which is a shame because it was beautiful. The resulting singles was very nice as well, and I think it looks pretty nice plied with play undyed gray, also.
The Subtle Knife marled hand dyed handspun wool gray yarn

Hank of handspun gray wool yarn

Here's some tiny little bits of roving I dyed last night, experimenting with a new pack of food coloring and some lemon juice instead of vinegar (in an attempt not to stink up my dorm room when I dye):
Hand-dyed heathered gray wool food coloring
Red, yellow, green, blue.

Until next time, sports fans!



  1. How did the lemon juice work in comparison to vinegar?

  2. They both work fine - it's the acid in them that sets the dyes. I prefer lemon juice because it smells better! :) When I started dyeing in larger quantities I also used straight powdered citric acid - no smell and easier to measure precisely.